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Babies are also called infants and they are the young offspring of humans. We humans name our babies. It is a part of our culture. Naming your child is very important because it gives them an identity which is a must for every human being on this planet. It has a lasting implication on a person’s overall life and sometimes all a person has is a name to judge you. There is no parent on this planet who does not name their child. According to a tradition in Judaism called Talmudic a baby’s name is his/her first gift. Therefore it is very important to name your child after thinking thoroughly.

Choosing babies name is one of the many joys of parenting. It is a very important decision that a parent has to make. It can be fun but it is a very difficult task. People give a particular name to their child due to some reasons. The reasons might be the following:

  • In order to honour someone
  • The name itself means something very special
  • To provide a sense of uniqueness to the world
  • To be frolicsome
  • Some Native American tribes give their babies descriptive phrases or nouns as names for they believe it bestows the talent of the name in them.
  • Some people also believe that a child’s name affects him/her chances in life.

Apart from the above reasons, there are many more beliefs in cultures around the world.

Naming by Zodiac Signs

In Indian culture, parents pay extra attention while giving a meaningful name to their baby. Astrology plays a big role in Indian culture, especially in Hinduism. They mostly follow Astrology and Rashi(Zodiac) for any big event in their life such as marriage, baby birth, to name their babies or for any good celebration. Naming a baby itself is a ceremony there called ‘Naamkaran’. Naamkaran is done on a particular day after consulting astrology. So it is obvious that parents will keep an eye on Rashi while naming their babies.

In some regions of India, parents name their babies according to Rashi because they are indicators of astrological birth detail which is important during Indian marriage. But, in certain areas, people do not name babies according to Rashi for they believe that it may disturb the good stars if someone abuses the name. Psychology says when you call a person repeatedly by his name it influences his personality. It is also believed that at birth astrology influences baby’s future so parents name their babies according to it hoping it would build them a bright future.

It is also seen that some parents give quite unusual names to their children. This can prove to be a problem for them in the future and if not a problem than a bit annoying. Some of the negative effects of naming your babies unique are:

  • The different spelling of the name will be annoying to him/her for it will be time wasting and annoying.
  • Unusual name announcement might cause embarrassment in public.
  • Some people might pronounce their name wrong and that is very annoying to every person.
  • In the end, parents should keep in mind all these points while naming their baby girl/boy.